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26 Mar

What is the best... Notebook you do?

I am often asked what is the best - insert item - that you do? 

In a new series of blogs I will try to answer that question across a broad range of corporate gifts.  I will look at areas such as materials used, desirability, usefulness, colour options, longevity, branding, price and value.
I start with notebooks which despite the continuous rise of technology are proving to be more popular than ever giving users respite from the constant ping of e-mail messages and round the clock notifications whilst providing a quality, useful branded gift with longevity.

So where to start!  We have two divisions for Promotional Gifts which is Love Merchandise for higher quantity, lower price giveaways and Love Luxury where the focus is on quality Corporate Executive Gifts.  As you are here on Love Luxury we will be reviewing the premium branded notebooks.  There are 3 main contenders: Moleskine Classic Notebook Large, Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Notebook and the A5 Medium Cross Journal

We and many customers love the Cross Journals especially for Xmas Gifts or when paired with a Cross pen for a high quality corporate gift but for the purpose of this review we feel the two strongest contenders are the Moleskine and Leuchtturm offerings.  If you have purchased the Cross Journal from us or somebody else and disagree with this please get in touch as we love to receive feedback and discuss our customers thoughts and needs.

Material Quality & Overall Finish

Both notebooks are made with 2 hinged cardboard covers front and back with a vinyl covering that is folded on the inside.  Just to note the size of the books differs slightly and be careful with the names as the Moleskine is called Large and Leuchtturm Medium but both are what you would purchase if you were looking for the most popular A5 size notebook.  The Moleskine is slightly narrower than the Leuchtturm.  Moleskine books are manufactured in China and Leuchtturm in Germany.  The construction quality is very similar although you do sometimes get some inconsistencies between Moleskine books that you don't get with the Leuchtturms and we feel the overall feel of the Leuchtturm in the hand is nicer so we are awarding this round, just, to Leuchtturm.  WINNER - LEUCHTTURM

Paper Quality

This is a big one as what is a premium notebook without good paper quality?  The Moleskine uses 70gsm paper stock and the Leuchtturm 80gsm so slightly thicker and better able to take all types of pen ink including fountain pens without ink bleed so a big win for Leuchtturm here.  Both notebooks offer different finishes depending on your use so plain, ruled, dotted and squared.  The only advantage we can give Moleskine here is they have 240 pages to Leuchtturms 250 pages so combined with the lighter paper stock the overall weight of the Moleskine is lighter and possibly easier to carry around.  WINNER - LEUCHTTURM


Once again we are going to award this to Leuchtturm.  Both notebooks offer a very handy expandable rear pocket to carry loose papers but in addition the Leuchtturm also offers 2 woven ribbon bookmarks, date headed pages, numbered pages, four contents pages and eight perforated sheets.  WINNER - LEUCHTTURM


Having sold both notebooks and received good feedback on both over many years this is a difficult one and may come down to personal preference.  I would personally prefer to be gifted a Leuchtturm but thanks to a much larger marketing budget and wider availability, especially in retail such as book shops, Moleskine is undoubtedly better known to the wider public and thus you could argue a more desirable notebook for your customers to receive.  WINNER - MOLESKINE

Branding & Colour Options

We will keep this short as this is going to be a draw.  Gone are the days when you could only order them in black and both notebooks now come in a wide range of colours to match your brand and promotion.  Both notebooks also offer various methods of branding such as blind embossed, foil blocked, single and full colour print so excellent marketing opportunities for your brand or promotion.  WINNER - DRAW


Both brands are at the top of the premium notebook market and it is hard to separate them although if you count the number of wins Leuchtturm comes out on top here.  That would also be our personal recommendation.  We feel, although lesser known to some, the Leuchtturm has an overall slightly better quality feel in the hand and offers more features and better quality paper.  That said if you want a lighter, better known, premium notebook then the Moleskine is still an excellent choice and will be very well received by your customers.  I have put the links below to the pages for the Leuchtturm, Moleskine and the Cross Journal but please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above or arrange a sample or quote.




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