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19 Jan

Brand In Their Hand - 5 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Gifts At Your Next Event

With the advertising standards authority reporting a strong desire for companies to exhibit at events and face to face interaction as one area they cannot let slip we take a look how you can use Corporate Gifts at your own next event.

So what does brand in their hand mean?  Essentially exactly what you would think.  In a digital world the value of giving someone a quality corporate gift at your next event is as strong as ever.  If you have used our services before you will know that we preach promotional gifts should be good quality, desirable and very importantly useful to ensure your brand is in your customers hand long after the event.

It may be a nice FARE umbrella that goes into your customers car boot as a constant reminder of your brand and services, a Moleskine notebook, Cross Pen or something that wins important desk space.  As long as it is a good quality promotional gift, well branded and useful you will get long term brand exposure and goodwill to your company.

Below we take a look at 5 key reasons to use Corporate Gifts at your next event in 2023.

1. Reflect Your Brand Values Through Promotional Gifts

Do you consider the products your company sale to be quality items and better than your competition?  If yes then this must be shown through the quality of the gift that you choose and the quality of the branding of your logo.  Are you moving your business to become more sustainable?  Then choosing a quality corporate gift that will last the recipient a long time is better for you in terms of brand exposure and better for the planet.  Even better choose a quality gift made from sustainable materials.  The Promotional Merchandise industry has been at the forefront of converting popular merchandise items to more sustainable materials and production processes.

2. Brand Identity

By this we mean once you have chosen your quality, sustainable corporate gift how are you going to brand it.  This is very important and we will work to your brand guidelines in terms of logo pantones, straplines and spacing around the logo to ensure it fits in with your overall brand identity and other branded products you use.

3. Help Your Business Grow

Ultimately this is the aim of a marketing department and the use of corporate gifts at your event - right?  From trade shows to corporate golf days, dinners and charity events there is always a place for a quality promotional gift in your customers hand for them to take home, use and remember the day.

4. Long Term Promotion

Branded promotional products should speak for themselves and if you get it right your gift will be a useful part of your customers daily routine or desk for many months to come ensuring you own that space in their head and not your competitors.  Some great branded promotional items for long term use include tech gadgets, umbrellas, pens, notebooks, mugs, eco friendly items and travel accessories.

5. Show Off Your Business

Corporate gifts and branded merchandise can be a great way to show off your business at an event.  The goal is for your bag to be better than your competitors so it is the one used as the person walks round the show collecting items.  If you get your corporate gift right you will find people will swarm around your stand before they all go giving you lots of opportunities to speak to prospective new clients.  By selecting the right gift you can be proud when you hand out your corporate gifts at your next event.

If anything has tweaked your fancy or you would like to discuss an event this year please get in touch!

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