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19 Sep

Leather Air Tag Holders

How We Can Help Solve The One Flaw With Airtags...

Apple Air Tags are a super useful product that is becoming more and more popular as a way to keep track of your keys, car, backpack and other frequently misplaced items.  Even travel experts are recommending you drop one into your luggage to keep track of it during your flight and in the unfortunate instance that it gets lost or stolen.

So how do Air Tags work?  They connect to other devices on the find my network using bluetooth.  The smart thing about why Air Tags are so popular and work so well is they only need to be in range of an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad etc to refresh their location so you can imagine how many millions of opportunities your Air Tag gets to update it's location so you know exactly where your items are.

Apple does all this with a focus on privacy as all communication between your Air Tag and a strangers device is completely encrypted and anonymous.  You can even place the Air Tag in lost mode so if someone finds it all they have to do is tap and hold the top of their smart phone to the Air Tag and wait for a notification that takes them to a webpage with your phone number and other information.

All sounds great so far but as the title of this blog and where we come in as Corporate Gift providers is the one flaw with Air Tags is they have no built in keychain hole so they need a holder.  A bit like a mobile phone you buy the phone and want to protect it and make it look nice in a nice case.  We provide leather Air Tag holders similar to the one pictured in this blog that we recently did for Manchester City's sports travel provider.

They work really well as a corporate executive gift as they carry a low minimum of 100 units and the leather can be pantone matched to your chosen colour and then printed or embossed with your logo.

Perfect for travel companies or any business where staff have to travel.  But everyone has valuables they want to keep track of so this product isn't only good for travel companies as anyone can use Air Tags and a high quality leather holder makes the perfect corporate gift.  With Christmas coming up these also make a useful corporate gift for your clients.

Please see below our product info and contact us if you would like a quote, images or sample - https://www.loveluxurymerchandise.co.uk/shop-by-category/travel-accessories/605/185/categories/tech-usb-s-gadgets/P-leather-air-tag-holder


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