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05 Jan

Luxury Lanyards

Why Settle For A "Standard Lanyard"?  Make It Special Like Your Brand!

We specialise in luxury lanyards and can make your brand stand out and be remembered.  A good lanyard should be wanted to be received, touched (more on this below), used and kept for a long time giving you excellent marketing value for money.

When we say touched it is difficult to get across the small details that make a lanyard stand out from the rest in an image like the one we took for this blog.  When you pick up these lanyards and feel the extra thickness of the materials, run your fingers over the rubberised raised print of the Intel or North Face lanyards, see the detail in the JCB material or the Aston Martin badge.  Even the engraving to the metal clip on the F1 lanyards or Aviva lanyard really stands out and separates these lanyards from a standard flat polyester lanyard with a screen printed logo.

Don't get me wrong these lanyards have their place and we produce thousands of them each year for many loyal customers in markets such as education but as shown here we can also produce special lanyards for brands that want to stand out and represent their quality in everything they produce.

All of our lanyards are custom made so you get to choose the thickness of the material, pantone matched colours, type of print such as the raised print, what clips you would like, whether you would like them engraved etc, etc.  We can of course supply samples and visuals along with our own expertise to help you create your perfect lanyard.

Contact myself Paul Kelly if you would like any more information and please visit our luxury lanyards page

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