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25 Apr

Summer Gift Ideas...

This week we look at some gift ideas for summer events...

Ironically the rain is lashing down as I write this latest blog but if we go by the date which is late April Summer is technically just around the corner and surely it's going to be better than last year I nervously suggest!

So having been in the Corporate Gifts business for 20 years now there are definately trends and types of gifts which we sale more of during the warmer summer months.  This is mainly linked with the calendar and type of customers we have but i'm sure some of these ideas will work for all. 

Loosely the below are the events we find ourselves providing gifts for more in the Summer months and you may identify with a few of these in your own business.

End Of Term

One for our College and University customers.  They will be seeing off students with branded leavers hoodies whilst having open days to attract new students.  This will typically involve producing promo gifts such as pens, notebooks and novelty items to attract students to their stand and also branded t-shirts and event clothing for staff are popular needs at this time of year.  Then of course lanyards to ensure everyone has the right passes and these events go smoothly.  

Freshers Week

September comes around quickly and we help our customers put together useful freshers week gifts and packs of items that new students can use and immediately feel a part of their new College or University.  All of these items require a bag to hand them out and I remember the time when we produced thousands and thousands of polythene bags at this time of year but thankfully time has moved on and we now only produce sustainable bags made from kraft paper, jute or recycled cotton.

F1/Motor Events

May and June are our busiest months with these particular clients as we are a specialist producer of luxury F1 style lanyards and other nice lanyards together with the all important passes.  Think Monaco with events going on before and after the Grand Prix requiring a nice lanyard and pass to access the areas or event that your client has paid for.

Football Tournaments

June brings Euro 2024 and we provide a number of corporate gifts that are ideal to promote your company during this time or if you are a travel company and require branded gifts for customers travelling to the matches such as bags, luggage tags, power banks, sunglasses, sun lotion, lip balm and branded t-shirts.  We can also custom make branded footballs from mini to full size.

Pride Events

Summer brings a number of large Pride events all over the country and we have you covered with a full range of rainbow and pride coloured gifts and apparel to ensure you and your brand stand out in the crowds this summer.  Take a look at our lovemerchandise.co.uk website for our rainbow gift options from badges and t-shirts to rainbow shoelaces, face paints and bags.

Golf Events

To add to a number of sporting entries already on this list we have Golf!  This could be a company golf event that requires balls, tees and towels branded with your logo or you could do some nice branded metal water bottles for the players to carry round in their bags on hopefully a warm sunny day.  We also provide corporate gifts for Golf Holiday companies and Golf specialist hotels and resorts.

Team Bonding Events

Summer is a great time for companies to come together and hold company BBQ'S, team bonding sports events and summer parties.  For the more party themed we can supply branded glasses, cocktail stirrers, napkins and even branded cakes!  For the more active events we typically supply branded clothing that is moisture wicking for those warm day events such as sports t-shirts, hoodies, running vests, shorts and then lip balms, sun lotions and bags.


As i'm sure your aware and organise some of the above yourselves Summer is a busy time and a great time to get your brand out there with some positive corporate gifting.  Whether it's Summer events, Xmas or events during the year the keys to good corporate gifting never change i.e ensure the gift is good quality as it reflects your company image, ensure the branding is done to a high standard and most importantly ensure the gift is a useful item as this will mean it's well received, well used and your brand will receive many eyeballs at all of these fun events!

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