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Custom decoration is a great way to reinforce your brand identity and give your company excellent brand exposure and keep yourself top of mind with your customers and prospects.

We can brand your logo using a wide choice of techniques which is usually determined by the material of the item we are branding. Using our techniques we ensure you get both the look you want and a quality, professional, lasting finish.

Whether you prefer cool and subtle, distinctive and stylish or bold and attention grabbing you can rely on us for expert service. Feel free to ask for any advice and inspiration and we hope you find the below brief explanations useful.



Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest and most effective ways to brand your business gifts and clothing. Most t-shirts or pens you see will have been printed with a logo using screen printing.

The ink is applied using a mesh in spot or pantone colours and you may have seen the term origination which refers to the set up cost to produce the mesh. It is normally costed by colour and screen printing must be solid blocks of colour so it cannot produce tints or gradients.


Laser Engraving

This branding technique carves or burns the design into the metal surface of the promotional item such as a Cross Pen. It is done by laser beam hence the term laser engraving which is digitally controlled by a computer and is possibly the most common form of branding to high quality luxury business gifts as like embossing it provides a subtle, high class, long lasting finish. One thing to always remember or check with us is the colour of the engraving is usually determined by the colour of the metal below the surface for example some metal pens may have a shiny silver coating but be a more copper colour underneath.



This is the most traditional decorating technique for sewing your logo to an item of clothing or a bag giving a high quality, long lasting finish with a high perceived value. Like screen printing the design must be solid blocks of colour as you cannot produce tints and shades using threads. Generally thread colours come from the Madeira colour system which works similar to pantone colours for printing and can be matched to pantones as needed. Embroidery gives a professional finish and is costed with an initial embroidery disc set up and then software is used to determine the number of stitches in your logo.



In simple terms to emboss your logo is to stamp it into the material for example a Moleskine notebook or leather keyfob.

A die of your logo is produced and then stamped into what needs to be a flat surface to produce a 3 dimensional design of your logo just below the material surface. It is a popular method of branding for executive corporate gifts as it is both subtle and long lasting.


Transfer Printing

A transfer print is similar to a screen print but used where the registeration is tighter and more print colours are needed to achieve the logo or design.

The process is most commonly used to brand full colour logos to mugs, t-shirts and bags.



This is a heat transfer method used to brand in full colour and full coverage to a range of items such as t-shirts and promotional drinkware.

Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of high release paper and then a press at high temperature is used to apply the design to the chosen garment or business gift.


Digital Printing

This is similar to screen printing but rather than using a wire mesh to apply each colour to a business gift or garment it converts the design to a digital image which is then printed directly to the item such as a promotional t-shirt, lanyard or pen. Digital printing has in a way revolutionised the promotions industry as it allows us to brand full colour images, with low set up costs, fast turnaround times and to a lower minimum quantity than screen printing. The technology and quality of digital printing has come a long way in the last 8 years and we can now produce high quality prints and match very closely to pantone colours.



This is one of my favourite methods of branding your promotional items as it enables us to brand full colour designs at cost effective low minimum quantities and the finish gives a nice bubble effect which stands out and gives us a long lasting, elegant finish. The design is first printed to a plastic adhesive substrate to which a special transparent resin is then applied which protects the design and gives the nice glossy finish.


Pad Printing

This is a fast and economical way of branding surfaces which are smaller or uneven or softer like a promotional golf ball or stress ball.

Perfect for multi coloured logos and can be applied to virtually any shape.



This is a newer, unique method of decoration which is mainly used to add dimension to your logo when branding a promotional clothing garment or other material item such as a promotional bag.

It has the perceived value of embroidery with the added benefit of sharp true colours such as shiny foil colours for a branding method which really stands out.

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